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Emblem of Endangered Species Embroidered T-shirt

Emblem of Endangered Species Embroidered T-shirt

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全国で生態系を保全する活動を推進する日本におけるNature Positiveのトップランナーです。

▽日本自然保護協会 インタビューはこちら




CLASS EARTHでは、同じナンバーが入った商品が複数存在することはありません。

  • 所有者を把握できるため、長期保証を可能にします。
  • 模倣品や転売といったトラブルを防ぎます。
  • ご希望がない場合は自動でナンバーが割り振られます。
  • ナンバーが既に埋まっている場合は、その他のご希望ナンバーをショップよりお伺いいたします。


  • 10-year repair warranty
  • Made of organic cotton from India. The cotton has thicker fibers and is highly durable.
  • Carefully sewn at a sewing factory in Wakayama Prefecture. A production system that minimizes mass production and mass disposal, which are problems in the apparel industry.
  • Made using the latest embroidery machines. Its machines do not drain sewage water when dyeing threads.
  • FSC-certified paper is used for packaging and accessories.



  • 紙素材は全てFSC認証紙を使用
  • 職人の手作りで作られたプレミアムなブック型の化粧箱。
  • アフターユースを想定した、本棚にもぴったり合うサイズ
  • プラスチックの袋(OPP)不使用、FSC認証紙の薄紙で梱包。
  • メッセージカード・封筒と共にお届け。








100% organic cotton

- About Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is perceived as being gentler on the skin, but in reality there is no significant difference in its effect on the skin compared to cotton that has been subjected to pesticides. The purpose of using organic cotton is to limit the negative health effects of cotton farm workers and to reduce water use by 90% or more. As demand for properly produced cotton increases, more cotton farmers will seek certification. This will curb child labor, protect the economy through healthy trade, and lead to an environment where children can receive an education.

- About contamination

When organic cotton is harvested by hand, contamination of fine colored threads (contamination) can occur. In Japan, contamination is discarded as a defective product, which has prevented the spread of organic cotton. CLASS EARTH utilizes fabrics with contamination as proof of genuine organic cotton handwork.

Normal fitting
Size Length Width Shoulder Width Sleeve Length Sleeve Width Cuff Width
0 63 45 41 18 18.5 15
1 66 48 43 19 19 16
2 70 53 48 22 23 18
3 73 58 52 23 24 19

Item Detail

A T-shirt with a CLASS EARTH emblem with a motif of the world's endangered species drawn with a cutting-edge AI embroidery machine.

The beautiful emblem is a large-scale embroidery, but because it is embroidered while dyeing a single thread, there are few pieces of thread, and you can not feel the hardness of the back that is unique to embroidery. Also, this modern embroidery machine does not drain sewage from dyeing threads.

The brand's original name tag is sewn on with "Book Stitch", which uses a book as a motif, and the back style also expresses the spirit of inquiry and the importance of inheritance.
The tag will be embroidered with your unique number. This ensures that no two T-shirts are alike.

The body is made of organic cotton from India, which has thick fibers and excellent durability among cotton. By knitting it into a high-gauge cotton sheeting, it is made into a fabric that has both a supple and elegant texture and durability that can be used for a long time. We carefully sew each piece at a sewing factory in Wakayama Prefecture, and promise a production system that minimizes mass production and mass disposal, which is a problem in the apparel industry.

・10-year repair warranty
・With a brand name tag. Desired number can be embroidered
・Embroidery colors Discovery Greige, Traditional Navy 2 colors available
・Unisex design
2% of sales will be donated to the Nature Conservation Society of Japan

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全国で生態系を保全する活動を推進する日本におけるNature Positiveのトップランナーです。