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[Kids] CLASS EARTH Logo Embroidered T-shirt

[Kids] CLASS EARTH Logo Embroidered T-shirt

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Donate 2% of sales to the Nature Conservation Society of Japan

The Nature Conservation Society of Japan (NACS-J) is the longest-running nature conservation organization in Japan and is celebrating its 70th anniversary.
We are a leader in Nature Positive in Japan, promoting ecosystem conservation activities nationwide.

▽Click here for the interview with the Nature Conservation Society of Japan

For orders that decline the inclusion of a box or card, we will make an additional donation of 2,000 yen.


Why embroider a special number?

At CLASS EARTH, there will never be multiple products with the same number.
This embroidered number makes each item unique and exclusive to you.

  • Knowing who owns it allows for long-term warranties.
  • This prevents problems such as counterfeiting and resale.
  • If you do not have a preference, a number will be assigned automatically.
  • If the number is already filled, the shop will ask you about other desired numbers.


  • 10 year repair warranty
  • The body is made of organic cotton from India, which has thicker fibers and is more durable than other types of cotton.
  • Each piece is carefully sewn at a sewing factory in Wakayama Prefecture.
    A production system that minimizes mass production and mass waste, which are problems in the apparel industry.
  • Packaging and accessories use FSC certified paper

About Premium Book-Style Packaging

-All delivered in a special box.

  • All paper materials are FSC certified.
  • A premium book-shaped presentation box handmade by an artisan.
  • The size is perfect for bookshelves and is designed for later use.
  • No plastic bags (OPP) are used, and the product is packed in FSC-certified tissue paper.
  • Comes with a message card and envelope.

- If you decline to have a box or card enclosed

If you decline packaging, we will make an additional donation of 2,000 yen in addition to the regular donation. If you do not need a box, please select this option at the time of purchase.

Gift message printing

-You can print your desired message on the message card.

An FSC-certified message card and envelope are included.

By adding the item to your cart on the following page, you can add your favorite message. Use it as a gift for someone special.
Add a message here

About the material

100% organic cotton

-About organic cotton

Organic cotton has the impression that it is gentle on the skin, but in reality, there is no significant difference in the effect it has on the skin compared to cotton that is treated with pesticides.

The purpose of using organic cotton is to reduce the negative health effects of cotton farmers and reduce water consumption by more than 90%.

As demand for properly produced cotton increases, more cotton farmers will seek certification. We can curb child labor, protect the economy through sound trade, and create an environment where children can receive an education.

-About the inclusion of fine colored threads

When organic cotton is harvested by hand, contamination with fine colored threads can occur.

In Japan, the mere presence of contamination results in the product being discarded as a defective product, which is one reason why organic cotton is not becoming more popular. At CLASS EARTH, we use fabrics with contamination as proof of our handmade work with genuine organic cotton.

normal fit
Size(cm) Height Width shoulder width Sleeve Length Sleeve width Cuff width
80 34 31 twenty three 8 11 8.5
90 37 33 twenty five 9 12 9
100 40 35 27 Ten 13 9.5
110 43.5 37 29 11 14 Ten
120 47 39 31 12 15 10.5
130 50.5 41 33 13 16 11
140 54 43 35 14 17 11.5

Item Detail

A simple T-shirt is decorated with a patch featuring the CLASS EARTH logo drawn using the latest embroidery machine.

CLASS EARTH children's clothing includes worksheets in both Japanese and English to learn about ecosystems, supervised by "Project Wild," a nature education program originating in the United States.
We hope that this will be an opportunity to foster children's science literacy and art literacy.

The brand name tag is sewn using the "Book Stitch" motif, and the back style also expresses a spirit of exploration and the importance of inheritance.
This tag is embroidered with the customer's unique number, making it unique to the customer and no two T-shirts are the same.

・We offer a 10-year repair warranty because we want you to use this product for a long time.
Comes with a brand name tag that can be embroidered with your desired number.
・Only size 80 has snap buttons on the mold.
- Comes with a worksheet for kids with both Japanese and English.

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A portion of our sales will be donated to nature conservation activities.

In addition to 2% of sales, for orders that decline gift wrapping, we will donate an additional 2,000 yen.

Our current recipient, the Nature Conservation Society of Japan, is the longest-running nature conservation organization in Japan and is celebrating its 70th anniversary since its founding.
We are a leader in Nature Positive in Japan, promoting ecosystem conservation activities nationwide.

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